Welcome to Mad House Sandwich Shop

Yes, that’s how we like to describe MadHouse Sandwich Shop, “BADASS”. It’s a great feeling to breakout from the norm to provide the zombie masses the fresh taste of our favorite Tampa and family recipes. We pride ourselves on homemade products from our Marinara Sauce to our Pork Moho, down to Ybor’s traditional favorite the Devil Crab.MadHouse Sandwich Shop was founded by the entrepreneurial spirit of doing what you know best, what you believe in and having the balls to deliver it. We own it, run it, clean it, and live it. Stop by and share some laughs, you won’t get pampered or sweet talked but more likely ridiculed or abused. One things for sure, you’ll get a great meal and a bellyful of deliciousness.

Check out our menu and see if there is any thing that makes your mouth water. Yes, we have “Fair Food”, deep fried desserts that will kick you down to the ground!

So give us a call, we’ll have your order hot and ready for you. We also cater, we can customize a spread for your next game day, office party, hazing or whatever it is you do. Thanks for your support in advance and we won’t leave the light on for you.